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Medicine History


Q1. When did you last check your Sugar levels?

Q2. Have you taken your medicine today.

Q3. How were your medical reports last quarter.

Q4. Please come next time with your reports.

Q5. Are you doing annual check-ups, to know if there are any health issues, which can be controlled before it gets worse?

Medicine History

You often come across these questions from a Doctor or Caretaker. And, you have to rummage through a series of documents and prescriptions to provide these answers. Sometimes, it is a big trouble to even stock the Medical transcriptions.

It’s a breezy and fast world. There is competition and planning for the future at each step. To stay fit, to stay ahead, one needs to be healthy!

A healthy person and a healthy family is carefree and ahead of its time. If your or a family member’s health is not good and there is too much back and forth at the Doctors, there is definitely a time and effort commitment. The cost of health care is increasing rapidly due to poor eating habits, fast foods, processed and frozen foods, and so on. To avoid future health issues, it becomes necessary to watch what you eat, and if you are in a treatment period, you have to keep track of your medication, and make sure the right medicine is taken at the right time. There has to be a solution for this.


There is a simple and efficient App on the horizons. Mediware, the Health App.

Here comes a simple and easy to use Mobile Application which helps you track and carry your health information with you.

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